DIY Movie Night Snacks

Now that the holidays have wound down, it’s the ideal time to host an at-home movie night. It’s cold outside, it gets dark early. Watching movies with your family and/or friends is the perfect way to spend the evening!

I put together some fun movie night snacks where I incorporated popular snacks typically found at the movie View Post

Williams-Sonoma Haul



Williams-Sonoma is the type of store that makes me want to learn how to cook everything. If you like to cook, it makes the experience a lot more fun! Their displays are inviting and their employees are great- since they’re into food and cooking, they love to talk about the merchandise and how to use it. View Post

What’s In My Trader Joe’s Bag? (Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul)


One of my favorite places to shop for food is Trader Joe’s. It’s such a happy place! Not only do they have delicious gourmet food at reasonable prices, but the experience is great too! The store layout is easy to navigate and the employees there are into food and eager to talk about it! They’ll even open something for you to let you taste it! And at the checkout, the cashiers are interested in what you’re buying. More than once, they’ve said to me, “this is really good- have you tried it yet?” about something I was buying. View Post