Hello! And welcome to ShaneeJudee! I’m Sharon (or ShaneeJudee, a nickname from when I was little!), a belle who loves fashion, beauty, cooking, decor, shopping, and all things girly!

Here, you’ll find my thoughts on various beauty products, beauty tutorials, recipes and recipe reviews, and fashion, beauty and decor ideas.

I also make YouTube videos, so I will provide the links to those in my blog posts when there is a corresponding video!

As far as my experience with these topics, I grew up in fashion. My parents both worked in the fashion retail industry when I was growing up. They even had a couple of their own stores! I helped out at their first store when I was little, and then as a teen, my first real job was at their store that sold trendy clothing in juniors and young mens sizes. I was living the teenage dream! Then when I was in college, I worked at a few department store cosmetics counters. My interest in fashion and beauty never faded. I was also a flight attendant for a while- I did it to travel the world!

All opinions expressed in this blog are my own. I will always let you all know if and when a product or post is sponsored. 🙂

I hope my blog is a fun escape from your busy day and gives you ideas that add a little spring to your step! And always remember: it’s never too late to be your own personal best! 

Cheers! xo

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