Madison Reed Hair Color Review

I recently tried Madison Reed hair color and want to tell you all about it! Madison Reed sent me some of their hair color to try. I received the box above complimentary for testing purposes and purchased a couple of additional products at a discounted rate. I was exited to try Madison Reed products because I’d heard good things about them!

You’ve probably seen ads for Madison Reed hair color products on social media. Madison Reed offers salon quality at-home hair color and other hair care products available online. One box of hair color is $24.95 while an auto-delivery membership reduces the price to $19.95.

Madison Reed hair color is manufactured in Italy, so they comply with strict EU standards in terms of ingredients they can and cannot include in hair color products. Their products contain argan oil, keratin and ginseng root extract. They do not contain PPD, ammonia, or parabens. Madison Reed products are cruelty free.

Madison Reed also provides excellent resources to ensure that you choose the right shade and use the products correctly. They have a website, where you can find a wealth of information on their products and how to use them, a smartphone app that you can use to see how to apply your color, and a helpful team of colorists who answer any questions you may have, from choosing a color to how to use the products.

Please note: I received most of these products complimentary from Madison Reed for testing and review purposes. All opinions in this post are strictly my own. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. If you click on the link and/or shop via that link, I might receive a small commission. Of course, this would be at no additional cost to you.

Choosing My Color

To choose my color, Tuscany Brown, I first completed an online questionnaire on Madison Reed’s website. The website gave me a few suggestions of shades that would work for my hair. Since I wasn’t sure which of the suggestions to choose, I emailed the colorists for assistance. A lovely colorist named Mckenzie helped me. I let her know what I was looking to do in terms of my hair color and sent a photo of myself so they could see my coloring. Mckenzie also took a look at my profile online that was generated when I completed the questionnaire. We agreed that Tuscany Brown, a natural brown shade with a bit of gold, would be a good color.

I also asked whether I should order an extra color cream and activator since my hair is long. (When I color my roots, lengths and ends, I usually purchase two boxes of hair color when I buy it at the store since one box isn’t enough for long hair.) This was recommended to me because I’d have the extra color if I needed it. And if I didn’t need it, I’d have it on hand for next time. Madison Reed offers the additional color cream and activator for $10 as an add-on to an order.


I received my hair color products in the mail shortly after I ordered them, within one week. The packaging was beautiful! My hair color products came in a glossy plum colored box. The products were arranged neatly inside the box (see above photo). I received two tubes of the Radiant Cream Color in Tuscany Brown, two bottles of the Conditioning Color Activator, two pairs of colorist gloves, a processing cap, barrier cream and a cleansing wipe to protect the skin on my hairline from staining, and samples of Madison Reed’s Nourishing, Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner.

It was a lot of fun to unbox my hair color and the products that went with it. It was like receiving a present! To see my unboxing on video, click here.

Coloring My Hair

When it came to coloring my hair, Madison Reed was super easy to use. They provided detailed instructions along with the products. First, I applied the barrier cream close to my hairline, but far enough away so I wouldn’t hinder the hair color. Then, I mixed the color cream and activator and applied it to my roots. Once my roots were covered, I slipped on the processing cap and processed the color for 40 minutes.

Once the 40 minutes were up, I mixed the second batch of color cream and activator (it turned out that I needed it) and applied it to my lengths and ends. Once all of my hair was saturated in hair color, I put the processing cap back on and left the color on for five minutes.

After my color was processed, I washed and conditioned my hair using the shampoo and conditioner samples and styled my hair as usual.

To see my video on how I colored my hair with Madison Reed hair color, click here. 

First Impressions

I loved the result! I wanted a color that didn’t stray too far from what I already had, and this definitely delivered. The Tuscany Brown turned out slightly darker than I expected, but I love it. I usually color my hair all the way to the ends every three months, so it usually looks a little darker at first. The color is rich and vibrant. Madison Reed hair color made my hair is soft and shiny.

The only thing I wish all hair color companies would do, is provide enough color and developer for long hair in one bottle. Having to purchase extra hair color when you have long hair adds up, so it would be nice for one bottle to cover long hair! Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice.

All in all, I love Madison Reed! The products are fantastic, I enjoyed the entire experience and love the result. If you’re looking for a salon quality at-home hair color line, I highly recommend that you check out Madison Reed.

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To see my Madison Reed Hair Color Review & Demo, where you can see my unboxing, hair color demo and first impressions, click here.



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