My YouTube Filming & Lighting Setup

my-youtube-camera-and-lighting-setup-by-shanejudeeThis post is a little different than usual, but I thought I’d share information on the camera and lighting equipment that I use to film my YouTube videos. A lot of people have asked me what I use, so I created a video to show my setup. I learned what to get from other YouTubers. So many YouTubers have videos on what they use. I watched these videos from creators whose videos I like. Then, I decided for myself what would work best for me. I didn’t get everything all at once (that would have been really expensive!).

There are a lot of factors that go into the decision on what to get for your videos. It all depends on what kind of videos you’re making, the space where you’re creating your videos, your budget, and your learning curve. Everyone’s needs can be a little different.

If you’re thinking of starting a channel, or if you already have a channel and are looking for ideas on some new equipment, read on below to see what I use. I also linked* each piece of equipment so that you can see exactly where you can find it!


  • Canon EOS Rebel T5i: The camera I use for most of my filming is the Canon T5i. In Europe, it’s called the 700D. This is a DSLR camera and is popular among YouTubers. Another popular camera is the Canon 70D, which is more advanced and more expensive. In my research, I found that a lot of YouTubers whose videos I really like use the T5i, and I’m happy with it. It provides the option to use automatic or manual mode and also has lots of presets. I love that it has a flip screen so that I can see if I’m in frame and in focus.
    • The lens I use is the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the camera. I like this lens, but would like to try other lenses. I do love the quick, silent autofocus that this lens provides. I got a 50mm lens and a 30mm lens because I saw that a few YouTubers whose videos I like use those types of lenses, but I found that I need to learn how to use these lenses. Right now, I’m just used to my kit lens, but will learn how to use my other lenses since I have them!
    • I also have an extra battery for each of my cameras. When you’re filming videos, the battery gets used up pretty quickly, so a good rule of thumb is to charge the spare battery while filming. That way, you won’t have interrupt your filming while waiting for your battery to recharge.
  • Canon G7X: I use the Canon G7X for vlogging. It’s very popular among YouTubers. It’s relatively lightweight and compact. It has a good lens and takes great videos. It has automatic and manual settings. It’s perfect for vlogging because it has a flip screen to make sure you’re in frame. It also adjusts well to low light. Just make sure you’re looking at the lens instead of the screen!
  • iPhone: If you haven’t purchased any equipment yet, my advice is to start by filming a couple of videos on your smartphone to see if you even like doing videos. It can be a lot of work, so first see whether or not you love it! I filmed my first two videos using my iPhone. I filmed in front of a window with a lamp (with the lampshade removed) for lighting. After that, I knew I really loved filming videos and went ahead and bought a proper camera.


  • Sennheiser MKE400: I use the Sennheiser MKE 400, a shotgun microphone that I just plug into my camera. It’s battery operated and easy to use. The built-in microphone on cameras isn’t the best. You need an external mic. I’m happy with this one. A lot of YouTubers also use microphones by Rode.

Lights: The great thing about lighting is that you can get good, photography lighting at a decent price. A lot of people film in front of a window, but I’ve had better results myself using studio lighting.

  • Softboxes: I use two soft boxes in front of my on each side of my camera and ring light. Mine came in a set of three, but I just use two of them. I ordered these from Amazon.
  • Ring light: I have a ring light that I place directly in front of me. Ring lights are popular among YouTubers, especially those that create beauty videos. I noticed a big difference when I started using this. I also ordered this from Amazon.
  • Umbrella lights: (but in this case I use them without the umbrellas): I place a short light directly behind me to light my background. I place one to the side pointing toward my background to light my background. And I place the there to the side yet behind me, pointing toward me to light myself from the back.


  • I got the tallest tripod I could find. Since the height is adjustable, I have a lot of options there. I’m happy with this one.

Photography Stool:

  • A lot of people use a beautiful chair for their videos. I use this photography stool. I got this because the height is adjustable, so I have lot of options for different settings.

Tray Table:

  • I use a tray table for everything from makeup tutorials to unboxing. It’s always good to have a table in front of you to put things when you’re filming videos! Mine has adjustable height. I found it at Walmart.


  • I edit my videos on a MacBook Pro.
  • I use iMovie for editing. A lot of YouTubers whose videos I really like use iMovie. A lot of YouTubers also use Final Cut Pro. I decided to start with iMovie because I knew nothing about video editing at first, so I thought this would be a good way to start. There is more of a learning curve in terms of using Final Cut Pro and iMovie is pretty much a basic version of Final Cut Pro. So I decided to master all there is to know about iMovie and then eventually graduate to Final Cut Pro. Another motivation was the price. iMovie comes free with a Mac, whereas Final Cut Pro is around $300.
  • Extrernal Hard Drive: If you’re editing and storing videos, you’ll definitely need an external hard drive. Videos take up a ton of storage. My MacBook Pro has about 250GB of storage, so I got a G-Drive that has 1TB of storage. I still need to clean out my G-Drive from tie to time, but it’s good to delete video footage you don’t use anyway.


If you notice in my older videos, my home had colored walls and decor that coordinated with the walls (the walls actually coordinated with the decor!). I loved the decor, but it was difficult to figure out what to wear for videos! While I didn’t have to match my decor, I also wanted to be careful not to clash with my background! So, now, my background is in whites and metallics, and I can wear any color I want!

  • I now have a mirrored table as part of my background. You can get the same one from Amazon.
  • I have a tall lamp with a metallic base and ecru drum shade that I purchased from Wayfair. I’m not sure if it’s still available. I looked, but couldn’t find it anywhere!
  • I also have a crystal ball lamp that can be found at Amazon.
  • My gold mosaic vase and cream silk flowers are from Pier 1.

If you also have a YouTube channel, let me know int he comments section what you use to film your videos!

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