What’s In My Bag? with Holly from Prince & Park

whats-in-my-bag-final-largeI recently sat down with Holly Delgado, owner of Prince & Park Luxury Handbag Boutique (www.princeandpark.com) based in Atlanta.  Named after two streets in New York City, Prince & Park combines downtown style and uptown luxury to bring their clients beautiful, authentic handbags they will cherish for years to come. Prince & Park should be among the first places you look when you’re in the market for a luxury bag. They carry all of the top designers. Luxury resale is on the rise, so Holly stays busy sourcing and selling handbags to her clients. Therefore, having her own bag that works for her lifestyle is important. Given her line of work, it was only fitting that I ask Holly to let us take a peek inside her handbag!

My Prada Lux Tote goes everywhere with me.  It was a 10th anniversary gift from my husband, so it has sentimental value.  I will keep this one forever!  It has a classic look (sort of vintage, which I love) and the black and white color-block goes with everything.  So, it makes it easy to accessorize.

I don’t think you have to always be matchy-matchy in fashion.  I think it is fun to mix things up too.  But, my black Prada Flap Wallet is a tried and true accessory.  I like the Tessuto fabric.  It’s very lightweight.  Plus, it has lots of card slots and compartments for all my stuff!  If I were to get a new wallet, I’d probably get one in a light pink color.  Maybe Chanel? I think that would look cute with this bag.

A cosmetics bag is essential for any woman.  It is where you hide all your secrets!  My Dior cosmetics bag was free with a purchase.  I love it because it can be easily cleaned and it is roomy.  I keep my Laura Mercier lip gloss (Pink Pop) and powder compact inside.  I love keeping perfume samples in there too, like the Dior perfume that came free with my bag.  I recently started using Beautycounter rosewater mist on my face.  It smells great and feels really refreshing in the hot summer weather.  I also carry Advil everywhere.  I think it cures whatever ails you!

I have a Louis Vuitton key holder that I bought at their flagship store on my first trip to Paris. It was a little present from me to me!

I still have the iPhone 5 and need to upgrade it, but it is such a hassle to do so.  Plus, I would have to give up my Garance Doré iPhone case, which I love.  I love all things Garance Doré.

Tic Tacs – I’m old school with my breath mints

Ray-Bans – I’m also old school with my sunglasses! 

The Kate Spade notepad and pen were gifts from my mom!  We both love the vintage look of Kate Spade home and office accessories.

This bag is big enough to hold my iPad, so I can work anywhere.  (A blessing and curse…)

And finally… earphones for when I need to go to my happy place.  I am usually listening to Coldplay, 90’s alternative or Broadway show tunes (I love Broadway!)

Looking for a handbag for fall? Visit www.princeandpark.com to see their latest wares.

To see what’s in my bag, visit Prince & Park’s blog page!

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